AI-Powered Sales Assistant is your sales team’s AI assistant that enables you to scale lead capturing, qualification, and nurturing via two-way email and website conversations.

One-Click Conversations

With AI-Powered Sales Assistants, now your SDRs can focus on what is most important in selling – human to human conversations. With One-Click Conversations, rather than making 30 – 50 dials per day to qualify meetings, your SDRs will be able to have 30 – 50 live conversations per day.

Coaching as a Service

Your SDR receives weekly coaching from an SDR coaching expert to ensure that they convert at the highest possible levels.

Key Features of

Machine Learning

Learns from each sales reps interactions to create more effective conversations and conversions

Intelligent Automatic Responses

Understands responses from leads including out of office replies, questions, interest, and objections, and responds accordingly

Lead Qualification

Asks qualifying questions to identify a lead that’s sales-ready opportunities for handover to a rep for follow up

Meeting Scheduler

Efficiently schedule meetings with leads by eliminating tedious back and forth communications

Dynamic Nurturing

Identifies a lead’s decision point in the journey and nurtures them according to their needs and preferences


Uses firmographics and user profile data to tailor each conversation for each lead