Optimized Sales Development

We optimize speed-to-lead and touches per lead to maximize conversion rates

SDR.ai Email

Our SDRs ensure that your leads are emailed in < 5 minutes and that they are reached out to with regular, and fully optimized cadence of 4-5 emails over a few weeks.

SDR.ai Dials

Our SDRs use agent-assisted dialing to ensure that leads are called in < 5 minutes from the time they fill out a form on your website and they execute as many dials per lead as is required to meet your service level agreement and optimize conversion from MQL to SQL.

The SDR.ai story

The SDR.ai story

Having managed inside sales teams of 50 - 100 for the past decade, I was frustrated to see leads that were not called immediately, and with the frequency they needed to be called to ensure optimal conversion rates. At the fastest growing Unified Communications as a Service company in the world, I increased lead conversion by 80 in under 2 quarters.

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