AI For Lead Engagement

AI-Powered Sales Assistant working alongside your human reps to engage and qualify leads over email and phone

AI-Powered Sales Assistant is your sales team’s AI assistant that enables you to scale lead capturing, qualification, and nurturing via two-way email and website conversations.

One-Click Conversations

With AI-Powered Sales Assistants, now your SDRs can focus on what is most important in selling - human to human conversations. With One-Click Conversations, rather than making 30 - 50 dials per day to qualify meetings, your SDRs will be able to have 30 - 50 live conversations per day.

Coaching as a Service

All sales conversations are recorded through a Conversation Intelligence Platform, then your SDR receives weekly coaching from an SDR coaching expert to ensure that they convert at the highest possible levels.

The story

The story

Having managed inside sales teams of 100+ for the past decade, I was frustrated to see leads that were not called immediately, and with the frequency they needed to be called to ensure optimal conversion rates. At the fastest growing Unified Communications as a Service company in the US, I helped them more than 2X their conversion rate from lead to opportunity in < 90 days. At ScaleX/, we help companies 2X their conversion rates on marketing leads by deploying AI-Powered Assistants working alongside your SDRs to engage and qualify leads more effectively.

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