Case Studies

                                ActOn invests hundreds of thousands in driving interest for their solution, so when the VP of Sales turned to us to revive what Chris Hardeman called their “dormant leads,” we were excited to step in to show what could be delivered.  The cost of driving these leads was a sunk cost so increasing conversion meant more opportunities, and bookings, for their sales team.  A $25,000 investment to deliver a personalized outreach to these leads, and hundreds of sales conversations, resulted in a huge spike in bookings, causing the head of marketing to get involved in the program, and grow their partnership with us.

Marketing invested in leads, sales made every attempt to convert the leads, and so Aaron Stead, VP of Sales, reached out to us to provide sales strategy & execution to help them convert leads more effectively.  In < 6 weeks, we delivered 10,000 dials, and 59 meetings, far beyond their expectations.

After the pilot, Aaron said, “how many meetings can you give us?”.  In sales, they say to answer a question with a question, so we said “how many do you need?”  ANSWER: 600.  In < 8 weeks, we delivered 611 fully qualified meetings for Aaron Stead.

A well known VOIP SaaS company was investing millions of dollars in various marketing campaigns from website leads, whitepaper downloads, event leads, and content leads that were highly contested between multiple competitors in the space.  The challenge: Marketing wasn’t confident that sales was calling leads quickly enough, and frequently enough to optimize conversion from lead to opportunity, and opportunity to close.

Solution: ScaleX/  By partnering with, this VOIP provider saw significant improvements – leads were called and emailed within seconds of the time they hit the website, conversion rates went up by 100%, and a team of 8 SDRs was reduced to just 2 SDRs, leveraging the power of AI for Sales Development.